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The objective of the Skilled Migrant Category is to provide for the grant of resident visas to people who demonstrate that they:

  • have skills to fill identified needs and opportunities in New Zealand; and

  • are able to transfer those skills to New Zealand and link with local needs and opportunities; and

  • are able to demonstrate an ability to contribute to and successfully settle in New Zealand.

If you are fortunate enough to have secured skilled employment in New Zealand or have an offer of skilled employment then this maybe the preferred pathway to a New Zealand resident visa for you and your family.  

In a very simple overview, the application process consists of:

  1. Completing an Expression of Interest application

  2. Receiving an Invitation to Apply by Immigration New Zealand

  3. Submitting your full resident visa application exactly as per the instructions outlined in your Invitation to Apply

The Expression of Interest application will only assess what you have stated and does not undertake any verification of supporting documentation because you do not submit any documents with it.  It is about gathering information to assess if you would meet requirements based on the information you provide.  


The Invitation to Apply will be issued to you if the information from your Expression of Interest indicates you will meet requirements for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa.  You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare the documents for your resident visa application and will give you 4 months exactly to prepare and submit your resident visa application.  

When submitting your full resident visa application you must provide verifiable documentation to prove the information you provided with your Expression of Interest is in fact true.  

The immigration process for a resident visa is time consuming, complex and costly.  I can help you take the hassle out of working it out for yourself to save you time and money.  

  • Do you have good Health?

  • Are you of good Character?

  • Are you in skilled employment?

  • Can you claim 160 points?

  • Can you meet English Language Requirements?

If you answered yes to all of the above you maybe ready to start the process for a resident visa application.

To increase your chances of success and reduce unnecessary delays - it is important to be prepared, contact me today for a free basic assessment and initial consultation


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