Work Visas

Post-Study | Student Trainee | Family (Partner and Dependent Children) | Horticulture & Viticulture (RSE)

International/Humanitarian | Foreign Crew of Fishing Vessels | Essential Skills | 

Religious Worker | Work to Residence | Specific Purpose or Event


Work means any activity undertaken for gain or reward BUT has some exclusions. 


('Gain or reward' includes any payment or benefit that can be valued in terms of money, such as board and lodging, goods (e.g. food or clothing) and services (e.g. transport))


Essential Skills work visas allow an opportunity for overseas workers to work in New Zealand. 

You must have an offer of employment to work in New Zealand to apply for this visa.  This visa can only be granted if:

  1. the employment is be acceptable; and

  2. there are no New Zealand citizens or residents available for the work; and

  3. the employer meets specific requirements; and

  4. the applicant meets specific requirements.

Each requirement above involves more requirements to be met and this is where we can help to unravel and assess if your offer of employment will be suitable.  Check to see if your job is skilled and contact us if you have any questions. 




To increase your chances of success and reduce unnecessary delays - it is important to be prepared, contact me today for an initial consultation

The immigration process for a Work Visa is time consuming, complex and costly.  I can help you take the hassle out of working it out for yourself to save you time and money.  

  • Do you have good Health?

  • Are you of good Character?

  • Are you in skilled employment that pays Market Rate and is guaranteed 30 hours per week?

  • Do you have the right qualification and experience?

  • Has your employer made a genuine attempt to recruit or train a New Zealand worker without success?

If you answered yes to all of the above you maybe ready to start the process for a work visa application.